How to prevent hair loss

five  simple ways to prevent hair loss and keep your hair

1. you may  find this surprising but probably one of the biggest causes of hair loss is in the food you eat. high fat diets  cause not only heart attacks but hair loss. There is one simple change you can make which will go a long way.

2/ stop smoking!  -smoking blocks artiieries and blood vessels-causing the sme problem as  high fat food does. Smoking also affects blood flow to the scalp, which is a cause of hair loss, It also damages the hair follicles.
  lots of people find it hard to quit smoking but there are a few simple  andeasy methods that can help you.

3/ reduce stress. if your stressed out your more likely to lose hair due to increased amounts of androgen. you just need to manage or reduce your  stress levels.

4/ don't use soap based shampoo's. use a shampoo that promotes hair growth
and not hair loss. picture this. you could bepouring something onto your head that is killing your hair  when you wash it.

5/ Dont keep brusing your hair. Contrary to common belif this does not improve the circulation in your scalp and does not make your hair grow faster. It just gives you a sore head!

6/ avoid damage to your scalp, be it from the hot sun a hairdryer. You can stop hair loss by following these tips.

If you want to prevent hair lossyou need to take action to do it. This will not happen by itself.